torsdag 14 februari 2008

Morgan Pålsson, världsreporter

En blandning av inspektör Clouseau och Homer Simpson i Jakten på försvunna skatten. Helgjuten välsvarvad fyndig snubbelkomedi med finess. Här är bra manus, dråplig dialog och fantastiska typer. Dessutom mycket bra foto och en fyndig product placement av mobiltelefoner värdig en bättre Bond-rulle. Kängor och referenser till reporter-typer och filmklassiker med välspelade roller rakt igenom. Mycket för pengarna!


Dansk film. Riktigt bra och roligt och så slutar den lyckligt. Grabben i graven bredvid-kvalitet

lördag 2 februari 2008

Abre los ojos

This well-played masterpiece is about going crazy. I don't see a sci-fi movie. I see a tragic history behind just another suicide jump. A rich, young and handsome playboy leading a life with all party and no worries. Just as he learns there could be a way to stay Forever Young, he gets his face destroyed by car wrecking maniac mistress. Depression and misery follows, no hope to get his good life back. He tumbles over the thin line to insanity - I would say just about the time of the "Contact Point" under the lamp post. From there on we're inside the head of a hallucinating paranoia patient, with a shrink doing his best helping him get better. There are no cryonics, no virtual dream world, no dead-come-alive-Nurnia. But, tragically for Sofia and for him, he believes it for truth (just as there are people around us, convinced of Elvis sightings and whispering voices). The beauty of the film is that the audience is tricked into seeing the suicide jump as perfectly logical. You can see it as a Sci-Fi movie, but I think the intention is to give a first person experience of going crazy. For example note that, unlike in sci-fis like Matrix, all scenes where crazy things happen, the main character is present.